What are Close Proximity Pyrotechnics?

Close Proximity Pyro Option

Close Proximity Pyro is the perfect solution for outdoor events without enough space for High Level Pyro. Seen at many baseball and football stadiums, weddings, theme parks and resorts this is the option we suggest for an up-close experience like none other.

These types of effects can be used in areas with as little as 75ft of a firing radius and produce very little fallout debris and smoke. Bring the excitement closer to your audience today!

All Close Proximity Pyrotechnic prices include

Site inspection

Display Permit

Coast Guard Permit (If Necessary)

$1,000,000.00 General Liability Insurance

$5,000,000.00 Auto Liability Insurance as required by the US DOT

Fire Marshal Fire Watch Fees

Fire Truck Standby Fee (If required by city/county)

All Travel Costs including: Fuel, Lodging, Food, Mileage, etc.

Professional pyrotechnics Crew

100% Cleanup

Angry Unicorn Displays

The option we suggest to allow for an up-close experience like none other.