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Seeing is Believing!

All of our displays are 100% electronically fired and use state-of-the-art digital firing equipment. We use high-quality fireworks to produce your shows and always make sure no two shows are the same and designed from the ground up.


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Why Work with Us

Our 5 Principles

Industry Experience

The leadership at Angry Unicorn Displays have over 50 combined years.

Brilliant Team

Our technicians are educated annually on all applicable safety standards.

Professional Displays

We use state-of-the-art digital electronic firing systems and design software.

Creative Designers

With show designers on staff, each of our shows are unique.

Our Guarantee

We offer a no hassle solution to producing your show or event.

Our Services

  • 1. High Level Pyro

    This is a fireworks display created with an array of high quality effects. Expert design is used to create a stunning display.

  • 2. Pyro Musical Shows

    The entire show is fired to a musical soundtrack of your choice. We strategically sync the fireworks to correspond with your music.

  • 3. Close Proximity Pyro

    For outdoor events without enough space for traditional fireworks, close proximity pyrotechnics are the option we suggest.

  • 4. Indoor/Theatrical Pyro

    Indoor fireworks are all 100% tested and approved for indoor use and produce an exciting option to accent any indoor event!

  • 5. Weddings

    We use an array of products to highlight your theme and include many special effects to accent your evening!

  • 6. Sports

    Angry Unicorn Displays is your one stop for everything you need to make Game Day special.

  • 7. Theme Parks

    Angry Unicorn Displays understands the professionalism and excitement that you want to deliver to your guests.

  • 8. Airshow PYRO

    Angry Unicorn Displays Airshow division will produce strafing runs, bomb simulations, walls of fire and much more at your event.

  • 9. Film & Television

    Whether you need fireworks, gerb hits, lasers, flame effects and explosions, or cyro the possibilities are endless.

  • 10. Special F/X

    Check back soon to learn more about this service offered from Angry Unicorn Displays.

Angry Unicorn Displays

Seeing is Believing!

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